Introduction – Krissy Smith

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Krissy Smith.

I am a voluptuous and busty Big Beautiful woman (BBW). When you touch my skin, you will find it soft under your fingertips, I have definite curves hopefully in all the places you like to see them. I prefer to describe myself as soft, voluptuous and womanly.

A little about the sort of person I am. I am direct with you. I believe in being open and friendly but not sugar coating the sort of person I am. I believe I have a unique approach and hopefully you will appreciate and enjoy the freshness of how I like to approach you and our time together. I have an interesting sense of humor and will always have an open mind when you call to have a chat about what you want to experience together.

I definitely would not define my service as a Girlfriend Experience. It definitely is not that type of service. I like to see it as relaxation, touch and sex with a twist. I want to provide a place where you can either just come to enjoy a relaxing time with a woman or even a place to explore new experiences and try new things out. Maybe you just want to have the hands of a woman running all over your body or you want to try something a little taboo that you haven’t experienced before. I always like to try new things with you, though i do have a handful of limits on what i will and wont do.

I have travelled the world, gotten an extensive education both through university as well as through other education portals. In the past i have had the attitude of it cant hurt to try it at least once, who knows it could be fun. So i have learnt what i do and don’t like in life as well as sexually because i believe how can you know if you will like something if you don’t at least give it a try before writing it off? So hopefully when you spend time with me you will be willing to try things at least once while your here, who knows you might really love it….

So please take some time to explore my website, check out what i have on offer and hopefully there will be something that interests you and we can have some interesting and good times together, and please don’t be afraid to tell me what you enjoy, i want to hear about what turns you on, what gets you excited and what your hoping to experience when we meet.