Introduction – Krissy Smith

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Krissy Smith.

I am a voluptuous and busty Big Beautiful woman (BBW). When you touch my skin, you will find it soft under your fingertips, I have definite curves hopefully in all the places you like to see them. I prefer to describe myself as soft, voluptuous and womanly.

You have come across my website, you like what you see and you’re curious, you are wondering about the kind of experience we could have together, and your considering whether you want to come and spend time with me. So let me tell you a little about what kind of experience we could experience.

I will be honest i love exploring the taboo side of  sexuality, i love helping you to explore things that you have never spoken of but have always secretly wanted to try. I love to show you a world of fantasy and desire you havent experienced before. Come into my world of kink and fetish and experience those things you have always thought about and have been turned on thinking about but have never truly experienced. Let me show you how amazing it can be to truly explore a side of yourself you have only ever thought about.

Do you have a fantasy or dark desire that you crave to really experience? Maybe youre a more experienced player and are missing a person to be able to truly play with and push your boundaries? Maybe you feel like there has to be more out there for you to experience then what you have in your life currently? Or maybe your just a really kinky person who wants someone to enjoy these kinks with who genuinely enjoys experiencing these things with you.

I will be honest, since i have really begun to delve into this side of sexuality i have found that i truly love having these experiences with others and showing them that there is so much more out there to enjoy then just your vanilla trysts. There are so many other ways to really get you hot under the collar as they say and it can be so much fun to do together, so welcome to my world of fantasy, fetish, dark desires and naughty pleasures. And i look forward to creating an experience that you can come to enjoy alot.