The pleasure of 2 women

It started out as a normal girl’s night out. The typical dinner and drinks. As everyone said their good nights, Christi asked me if I wanted to go back to her house and hang out. Of course, I was in. The alternative was back to my house with a chaos of people and pets.

We tiptoed into her house trying not to wake anyone, both tipsy and giggly. It felt like high school all over again. She grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. Then, we escaped to her back porch.

We continued drinking wine and sharing memories, singing along to the radio set on low volume. The later it got the more charged the atmosphere felt— like right before a thunderstorm. Finally, Christi asked if I wanted to get in the hot tub. I was game after all it was a cool fall evening and warming up in the spa sounded great.

Turning off the porch light, we stripped down to our bra and panties. Now, I’ve seen Christi get dressed many times over the years and never thought much about it. But, this night, whether it was the alcohol, stars, or my current lack of sex, I couldn’t stop watching her. Her bra was white lace and her dark nipples pushed through it like flowers budding. And, as she turned to step into the hot tub, I realized the tiny matching lace panties were actually a thong. Her creamy white ass shone in the moonlight and suddenly my mouth felt dry. Trying to act normal, I followed her into the bubbling, steaming water. I sat across from her and leaned back gazing at the purple, black sky wondering just how drunk I was.

“Hey, you alright,” she asked concern in her voice. I nodded and answered, “I’m just thinking, relaxing, enjoying the night.”

“Well, you look tense. Come over here and let me give you a back rub,” she offered with a sweet smile. I heard her but I was suddenly entranced by her lips. They looked soft and sensual, full and inviting. I scooted over and sat in front of her, with her legs on either side of me.

As her fingers began to knead my shoulders, pushing dip into my flesh, I could feel my own nipples harden. She was talking but all I could focus on were her hands as the pressed and prodded across my back. Everywhere she touched felt like it was tingling and these electrical currents were surging straight to my core. I felt my bra loosen and fall away. And, I turned around with a question in my eyes. In her eyes, I saw the same confusion and curiosity.

Emboldened, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. I was shocked and thrilled when her tongue pushed into my mouth, seeking and exploring. Kissing her back, I was lost in a swirl of wine and berry lip gloss. Pulling away a little, I licked her lips, nibbling the full bottom one, sucking it gently into my mouth.

I felt her hands find my breasts and begin to massage them. My dusky, pink nipples were aching as she grasped them, pulling and pinching making me gasp. She pushed me away and lowered her mouth to my breasts. She flicked her tongue across first one and then the other swollen tip. Then, she sucked my nipple into her hot mouth until she had the entire areola engulfed. I was running my hands through her silky hair pulling her tighter against me. My whole breast was throbbing. She switched to the other side and as she suckled at my tit, I found myself moaning. No one had ever made me that hot sucking my tits.

She sat up and undid her bra, freeing her breasts to bob in the water tempting me. I ran my teeth across her large, pointy nipples, following with my teasing tongue. I swirled my tongue across each breast, stopping to bite and suck, as I circled back to her nipples. I loved the sighs that escaped her as I lavished love on her tits.

Pulling away, she grabbed my hand as we left the hot tub and she settled onto a lounge chair. “Taste me,” she begged, pulling off her panties. Hesitant, curious, excited, my thoughts and emotions swirled as I knelt between her smooth, white legs. I kissed her thigh with little sucking kisses, working up my nerve as I reached her warm, wet pussy. Thinking about what I liked, I gently parted her lips, and ran my tongue over her sweet , hard clit. She moaned, and encouraged I lapped at her, delving into the core of her little pink bud before sucking it into my mouth. I worked it with my mouth like a mini-cock, suckling and swirling circles with my tongue. She was whimpering as I explored lower, deeper, running my tongue down her slick slit. Her thighs tightened against me as I pushed and prodded my tongue like a spear into her pussy.

Her juices were sweeter than any man’s cum as they coated my tongue and lips. Her hands tangled in my hair as she pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I tongue fucked her until I was gasping for air, then began to run my tongue from her pussy to her clit. Then, her clit in my mouth again, I pushed two fingers into her tight opening. It felt familiar but different, the texture of her pussy warm and elastic as it pressed against my hand. I licked at her clit as I moved my fingers deep inside her, finding a rhythm to our lovemaking. She began to get louder, bucking against my mouth, until with a scream she was swept away into an orgasm. I felt her clit stiffen more, throbbing in my mouth. Her pussy clamped around my fingers, pulsing with her release. I gently removed my hand and kissing her tender pussy tasted her sweet nectar as it spilled from her. I was shocked at how much I loved pleasing her. And, climbing into the lounge chair beside her, I held her in my arms and studied the stars overhead.

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