Adult Baby Sessions

Are you an Adult Baby (ABDL) and looking for someone to help nurture that side of you? I would love to spend time with you. Lots of cuddles. Making you feel special. Nurturing you. There are so many aspects of this we can enjoy. Cuddles, Bathtime, Change time, Dinner Time, Bedtime and Playtime.

I also offer Adult baby caregiving services. I have adult diapers, toys to play with, movies, change mats, bottle feeding, pacifiers, feeding, putting down for naps and lots of cuddles.

If you have your own ABDL things please bring them along with you as I want you to be completely comfortable. I have a range of things and happy to take requests where possible.

1 Hour – $350

2 Hours – $550

3 Hours – $750

7-9 Hours Flexi Time – $2000

12-14 Hours Flexi Time – $3000

Supplier Information – If you have any specific items you would like me to bring along you are welcome to organise a gift certificate for me to purchase it and bring it along. – Supplier Information