Video Chat with Nicholas Tanek

I did an online video chat/interview the other day with Nicholas Tanek from Your Kinky Friends which was something i hadn’t really done before and I enjoyed doing it. It was great to have a chat about some of my favorite kinky things such as Adult Baby sessions, anal play, and spanking. Hopefully, there will

COVID-19 – What does that mean for us?

I am sure you are all well aware of the COVID 19 that’s going on around the world at the moment and the general impact it is having. What you might not be aware of are the restrictions it is having on spending time with a sex worker. Currently, in various states there are various

Come try my Ultimate Session

I have been at my new job for a few weeks now and I am finding I am enjoying it. Its a great challenge and I have been working with some great people. It only goes until the 10th of April which is great. From the 10th April until the beginning of June ill be

Touring Schedule

So i will be bringing my version of Kink and Fetishes to a range of fun locations until the end of the year. Have you always wanted to spend time with me and try out one of my fun packages? Well now is the time to get in touch and truly experience the world of

Greek – Is it something you want to try?

One of the services i offer is Greek on Men. Its something that i really enjoy doing. It is alot of fun to explore the taboo. Is it something you have experienced and enjoy? Or is it something you have been really curious about but have never tried it out? In many guys i see

Bringing Fetish to you

So i have some really awesome tours coming up around Australia and ill be bring my brand of fetish sessions along with me. I offer a range of different options that i absolutely love sharing with the gentlemen i see. I love to introduce people to new experiences and show them that they can experience

Phone and Online Services

So, some of you may or may not be aware that i offer a range of Phone and online services for those who want to be able to explore or experience their fetishes and fantasies prior to actually meeting, to help them ease into exploring their fantasies a bit more. Maybe you want to be

Special offer until the end of June

Something i try to do on a semi regular basis is have some kind of special offer on my services. But i like to do my special offers a bit differently to most. I prefer to tie my special offers in with trying to give back to the veteran community as its something that is

The cost of Touring

I want to talk to you a bit about the cost of touring. While this isnt something i am a fan of discussing i think its really important for you to be aware of, especially when interested in seeing an Escort who is coming to your town or city on tour. When we plan our

ABDL – For those looking for a Mummy / Caregiver experience

I have an ABDL session that i absolutely love providing and it is something i would absolutely love to do more of. It can be tailored to suit what kind of ABDL you are, so it is a completely custom service as i have found each Adult Baby has completely different needs so i want