The Benefits of Role Play

I decided to add a service package specifically focused on role play because i get asked about this on a regular basis and wanted to have a bit of fun with it. There are many reasons to include role play in your sex life. I would love to share these with you and hopefully we can have a bit of fun with it.

Sex expert and commentator Colleen Singer puts it like this: “Role playing can take many forms, ranging from living out a secret fantasy, to more elaborate games with actual storylines and costumes. If you’ve been with the same person for a long time, sometimes you just need a little extra fire in the bedroom – and that is OK. One very effective way to do this is role playing.”

It can bring some excitement to the bedroom, its a great way to play out those fantasies you have always had, and it can spice things up a little. I love the idea of exploring your fantasies. What kind of Role Play have you always wanted to try out? Whether its a teacher / student or mother / son fantasy, may its something a bit more taboo, Dom / Sub, age play, or maybe you want to play out a specific scene. I know for myself i have a few favourite roleplays i love to do with my lovers. One of my favourites is pretending its my first time having sex another favourite of mine is pretending my lover is my tennis coach and is going to teach me how to play tennis and we begin by actually being on a tennis court and its a good excuse for him to put his hands all over me before we get so turned on that we end up back in bed together. So there are so many different ways to role play right? One i have done a few times and always love re doing is going to a bar all dressed up and having a lover come over to me pretending to be a stranger and taking it from there.

It can make things interesting and its alot of fun to get into a character and play it out. Have you ever had a scenario that you think about regularly but have never had the chance to try out? Well my role play session is the right one for you,

In addition to making your sex life more invigorating and rewarding, role playing also has some personal benefits, too. In fact, if you let yourself think back to what you fantasized when you were a teenager and just starting to become amazed with the female body and the very thought of sex (much less the actual act of it) — role playing can help you go back to those moments in time when everything was tantalizing. In many ways, it is those sacred thoughts that you always felt ashamed to admit (even though you shouldn’t have) that actually get your blood pumping, your breath heavier and your body ready for plow

“There are many benefits of romantic and sexual role-playing. Role playing is all about fantasy. Most people have had in their minds a special fantasy that they wished to have enacted but really never confessed to anyone,” Singer says.

So if there is a scenario you have always wanted to explore i would love to hear about it and help you make it happen so that you can enjoy the benefits of it and maybe enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with playing out your deepest fantasies.

Video Chat with Nicholas Tanek

I did an online video chat/interview the other day with Nicholas Tanek from Your Kinky Friends which was something i hadn’t really done before and I enjoyed doing it. It was great to have a chat about some of my favorite kinky things such as Adult Baby sessions, anal play, and spanking.

Hopefully, there will be more like it in the future. I do love my fetish sessions and I would love to spend more and more time doing them. I would love to be able to start doing fewer full-service sessions and really begin to focus on only doing fetish sessions. Maybe one day that will happen. I love being able to introduce people to the world of fetish and give them space to experience things that maybe they had only thought about previously.

Have you ever wanted to explore a kink or fetish but have never had someone to do it with before? I would love to be that person you explore things with, and I am open to a range of different things, though to be honest, I do have a couple of favorites. I love age play and adult baby sessions, I love opening you up to anal play and the different ways that can be done, and I love having you over my knee for a great spanking.

So I would love for you to check out the video chat I had and would love to hear your thoughts. Tell me what kind of kink or fetish sessions you would love for me to offer. Make sure to check out my Ultimate Fetish Session as it is there to really explore a range of different kinks and fetishes all at once, really overload your senses, and enjoy some ultimate pleasure.

VIDEO CHAT: Krissy Smith w/ Nicholas Tanek
Your Kinky Friends

Greek – Is it something you want to try?

One of the services i offer is Greek on Men. Its something that i really enjoy doing. It is alot of fun to explore the taboo. Is it something you have experienced and enjoy? Or is it something you have been really curious about but have never tried it out?

In many guys i see who havent tried it before the one thing they ask alot is.. But does it mean your gay? No. It’s a shame that so many guys still have this idea  “butt = gay.” Your sexual identity is defined by the gender of people you are attracted to, not by body parts you like to play with.

There are numerous nerve endings in your anus, so having alot of stimulation there can feel amazing. There are so many different ways in which we can stimulate those nerve endings. There are also a range of benefits to stimulating this part of your body sexually.

Some of the benefits to stimulating your gspot include an overall more enjoyable sexual experience. Also massaging and stimulating your G-spot can also help relieve a few other troubles you could be experiencing such as struggling to rising to the challenge, and so targeting your Gspot can help with this issue.

Lets talk about the different ways we can introduce you to this pleasure. If going straight for it makes you nervous we can build up to it. We can start by stimulating your perineum by using some firm pressure using one of our fingers to massage it while you masturbate, or we can use a knuckle to massage it while giving you a handjob or blow job to begin with.

The prostate lies 2 to 4 inches into your rectum (towards your belly button). If your prostate is positioned higher than average and/or your fingers are shorter than average, it can get a little tricky. And this is where the introduction of toys can be helpful. We can try out a range of toys of different lengths and size until we find one that hits the spot. We can start small to get used to how they feel and use a few different ones until we find the right one to stimulate you.

Anal Stimulation is a  powerful way to ignite your passion and to have an explosive finish, we can add a blow job while playing with your Gspot and it is amazing.


So if this is something you have always thought about and want to experience it, i would love to hear from you and hopefully we can make this happen and maybe it can be something you enjoy on a regular basis.