Greek – Is it something you want to try?

One of the services i offer is Greek on Men. Its something that i really enjoy doing. It is alot of fun to explore the taboo. Is it something you have experienced and enjoy? Or is it something you have been really curious about but have never tried it out?

In many guys i see who havent tried it before the one thing they ask alot is.. But does it mean your gay? No. It’s a shame that so many guys still have this idea  “butt = gay.” Your sexual identity is defined by the gender of people you are attracted to, not by body parts you like to play with.

There are numerous nerve endings in your anus, so having alot of stimulation there can feel amazing. There are so many different ways in which we can stimulate those nerve endings. There are also a range of benefits to stimulating this part of your body sexually.

Some of the benefits to stimulating your gspot include an overall more enjoyable sexual experience. Also massaging and stimulating your G-spot can also help relieve a few other troubles you could be experiencing such as struggling to rising to the challenge, and so targeting your Gspot can help with this issue.

Lets talk about the different ways we can introduce you to this pleasure. If going straight for it makes you nervous we can build up to it. We can start by stimulating your perineum by using some firm pressure using one of our fingers to massage it while you masturbate, or we can use a knuckle to massage it while giving you a handjob or blow job to begin with.

The prostate lies 2 to 4 inches into your rectum (towards your belly button). If your prostate is positioned higher than average and/or your fingers are shorter than average, it can get a little tricky. And this is where the introduction of toys can be helpful. We can try out a range of toys of different lengths and size until we find one that hits the spot. We can start small to get used to how they feel and use a few different ones until we find the right one to stimulate you.

Anal Stimulation is a  powerful way to ignite your passion and to have an explosive finish, we can add a blow job while playing with your Gspot and it is amazing.


So if this is something you have always thought about and want to experience it, i would love to hear from you and hopefully we can make this happen and maybe it can be something you enjoy on a regular basis.

Bringing Fetish to you

So i have some really awesome tours coming up around Australia and ill be bring my brand of fetish sessions along with me. I offer a range of different options that i absolutely love sharing with the gentlemen i see.

I love to introduce people to new experiences and show them that they can experience pleasure in many different forms rather then just the traditional ways we normally think of when it comes to pleasure. Showing people that its good to explore their kinky side.

Let me talk you through some of the things i offer.

Adult Baby Session – This session is very much about exploring your little side. Lots of cuddles and affection for you. Experience wearing a diaper can really put you into your little head space. Looking for someone to help bring out your little side so that you can truly experience being in this space i would love to spend time with you. Play time, Fun movies, Bathtime, Bedtime, Lets make it happen.

Anal Play on you session – Have you always been curious about what the fuss is about? Wanting to experience a new level of pleasure you have never had before? Anal play sessions on you can bring you a new level of pleasure you have never experienced before. Sometimes it can be more intense orgasm then you have experienced before. I have a range of different sized toys, use my fingers and even work up to fisting if your game to give it a try.

Spanking and Discipline Session – Have you been a naughty boy and want to be bent over my knee or over the chair while i spank you for being so naughty? I love bending you over my knee and spanking you. Using my hand or a range of paddles and whips to discipline you for being so naughty. I can be your teacher, your boss, your aunt and you can be my naughty boy.

Tailored Fetish Session – This session is a bit more tailored to you. Its about exploring a range of your fetishes. Maybe you want to be tied up while i tease you, use toys on you, maybe deny allowing you to orgasm until i give you permission. Maybe you have always loved CBT. I love finding creative ways to perform CBT. Lets blindfold you and help heighten your senses while we help you explore your kinks. Build the suspense on what will come next. This session can really be a combination of a range of different fetishes and experiences. Lets really explore your submission and desires. There are so many different things we can experience together.

I mainly travel around NSW, QLD and Western Australia but i am open to visiting other parts of Australia and bringing my form of fetish experiences to you. I want to help you explore your fetishes and desires and i am always open to ideas.

The cost of Touring

I want to talk to you a bit about the cost of touring. While this isnt something i am a fan of discussing i think its really important for you to be aware of, especially when interested in seeing an Escort who is coming to your town or city on tour.

When we plan our tours some of the costs we have to factor in, include (this is based off the fact im on tour constantly so others may have slightly different figures)

  • Cost of Accomodation – Which can be anywhere between $150 and $800+ depending on the length of our stay and the type of accomodation we book
  • Newspaper Advertising – Which for me is around $20 to $30 per newspaper its printed in. So it can cost between $60 and $250 per week, as some places i advertise in more then one paper.
  • Cost of getting to your town or city – it can cost between $50 and $400 for me to travel to your location whether by flight or by train or bus.
  • Cost of Meals – $10 per meal, 3x a day x how many days im in town.
  • Taxis and Ubers average $20 to $50 per ride and where i am travelling to
  • Cost of online Advertising – $500 per month on average for all my online advertising that allows me to share my tours
  • Cost of supplies such as condoms, lube, oils, babywipes – $100 per month minimum sometimes more

These are just some of the associated costs of being on tour on a regular basis. Because of this, especially when travelling to places like – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and all the towns i visit in between i put on all my advertising pre bookings with a deposit. I ask for these deposits so that when i arrive in town i have a few bookings lined up ready. It gives me time to plan, get ready to see you, make sure i have everything i need in terms of making sure you have the most fun possible.

I know that some of you dislike paying deposits i do completely understand but i would like to give you an understanding of why we generally ask for them. We arent going to run off with your deposit, it just gives up some security for the above costs we are outlaying in order to be in town to spend time with you.

I am of the belief that if i am willing to commit to these costs which i am totally willing to do, as a compromise i dont believe its a big ask for you to pre book with a deposit. It shows you have taken real time to read our ads and websites. It shows you understand we have limited time in town, so by pre booking you make the trip less stressful which then means we can enjoy your company all that much more because we feel relaxed when we finally get to see you.

SO please take this into consideration before refusing to pre book with deposits if we ask that you do. It shows you have respect for our time, which then means that we will go that step further when we see you because you have shown that our comfort is as important to you as yours is to us.

Common sense and good manners have gone out the window these days, and i tell you those of you who have pre booked with deposits for various tours i have done, you are much appreciated. You are guys i would love to spend time with more then once. You are gents i would love to have return when i visit your town or city.