ABDL – For those looking for a Mummy / Caregiver experience

I have an ABDL session that i absolutely love providing and it is something i would absolutely love to do more of. It can be tailored to suit what kind of ABDL you are, so it is a completely custom service as i have found each Adult Baby has completely different needs so i want it to be completely tailored to you.

It is a service i have been offering for quite some time and i love travelling Australia and providing it. I have slowly collected a range of Disposable Diapers as well as terricloth diapers, a range of different kind of onesies, Plastic Pants to go over your diapers, Bottles, Dummies, and even a range of toys and movies we can watch together and i am always wanting to add to my collection of stuff.

I do most of my shopping for things at Littles Down Under based in Brisbane and they have a fantastic range of stuff to pick from. If there is something from their online shop your interested in me bringing along to a session feel free to get me a gift card and send me the link of the item you want and ill organise to purchase and bring along with me as i know everyone has different tastes in things.

Want to know a little about the session we can enjoy together? Well it can involve lots of cuddles and hugs, playing together, having bath time if you want, putting you down for a nap, watching a kids movie together if you like while cuddling, simulated breastfeeding, i can give you lunch or dinner and if there is food you like best let me know so i can bring it along, Changing of your diaper as many times as needed, Making you feel loved and cared for, and just looking after you while you experience little space, as i want you to feel safe and nurtured while in little space.

So if you are looking to explore your little side or looking for a Caregiver or Mummy session with someone who loves doing these kind of sessions i would love to hear from you. I am happy to travel all over Australia to visit you, though if you want me to travel specifically to you i will only be offering my Flexi Time sessions for this.

Welcome to the World of Krissy

Let me welcome you to my website and my blog. So as some of you may know i do have 2 websites. There is a reason for this. One of my websites talks about all my Escort Services, you know relaxation and full service type services and then i have this one. This is all about my BDSM and Fetish services. I offer a range of different things that i absolutely love to get up to.

I do have to say that as time goes on my Fetish services are the ones i get maximum enjoyment out of and i am constantly learning and experiencing new things because of it. Let me tell you a little about me and what i have to offer.

So i would not classify myself as a Mistress or a Pro Domme. I like to call myself more of a fetishist. I would say i prefer to take more of the lead during my sessions so i guess you would say that i am more of a Top then a submissive. I do not offer submissive services at all. I want my packages to be about exploring your fetishes and just get to know your kinky side. And hopefully help some of your fantasies come alive. I want to be able to explore things that you have always considered trying out but have not had the opportunity to do so.

I do offer both physical and over the phone or online sessions so there are a range of fun different things we can do together.

My Physical packages include –

Adult Baby – Caregiver / Mummy sessions

Spanking & Discipline Sessions

Greek on you Sessions

and my last one is a Tailored BDSM / Fetish Session where we can tailor it to your specific kinks and fetishes and make it what ever you fantasise about.


Then i offer a range of over the Phone and online sessions including Online FinDomme sessions

So check out my phone, text, email and whatsapp packages to see which you would like to try out and experience.


I tour all over Australia and i love to take requests on places you would like for me to visit and i hope to be able to share more with you here, and i look forward to enjoying your company in the near future.

The World of BDSM

As some of you may know, i decided to jump into the world of exploring various fetishes and the world of BDSM. I have no intention of being a Mistress, Dominatrix or a Pro Domme. I just love exploring the world of Fetish and BDSM in my own way and a way that feels natural for me and suits my personality. I like the idea of helping you to explore something you have always desires but only want to get your toes wet, have a bit of a taste and maybe help you discover some new things that you will enjoy.


But, i do get the odd enquiry from those who wish to really explore their submissive or slave side and really jump right in. Or maybe are an experienced submissive/slave looking for a Mistress who can go on this journey with you. And while for some of you this is a journey i would love to take with you there are times when i am not the right match for what you want. So i would love to introduce you to a couple of Mistresses or Pro Dommes who i would highly recommend based off their experience, their professionalism and their knowledge of the world you want to explore.


I will add to this post at various points, mainly as i approach a couple of Mistresses and gain their permission to add them to this list.


Let me introduce you to Mistress Electra Amore. This woman is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. Enter her world of Intense, Sensual Domination and have a deep and intense connection that will have you going back for more and more. Click here to view her website and find out when she will be in your town or city. Make sure you follow her instructions on how to arrange to meet Her, and you wont be disappointed.


Let me introduce you to Sydneys own Mistress Artemisia De Vine. She is, as described, the Goddess of elegant perversion and creatively wicked BDSM. Mistress Artemisia Devine is many things, Dominatrix, Mistress, Goddess, Domestic Discipline Spanking Switch and someone you want to explore the world of Kink and Fetish with. Someone you can have the opportunity to really explore with and discover your full potential with. Click here to view her website and make sure you follow her requirements to have a session with her and discover her world of Kink