Introduction to my Erotic Stories

So, I will be writing a range of different kinds of erotic stories of all different kinds. The stories will be password protected. They will all be password protected with one password.

So let me tell you a bit about this. I will be charging a lifetime fee of $100 to be given the password to these stories. I will be writing all kinds of stories ranging from soft erotic stories through to a range of fetish and BDSM type erotic stories and I am always happy to take requests for the sorts of stories you will be interested in reading.

If you would like access to these stories, I will need your first name and email address. So feel free to either text me on 0406 296 191 or email me on to organise payment for these stories.

I love writing these stories and I will try and write a range of different ones. I will be doing a story each week on a Monday.

For those outside of Australia I am happy for you to also sign up for these erotic stories. So feel free to email me for more information.

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