Lets talk about Krissy

Hey there,

So this blog is mainly focused on my erotic stories that i like to post up regularly. For those who want to be able to access and read them there is a $100 lifetime membership fee to get the password for these stories. I am always happy to take requests for the sort of stories you would like to be able to read and i try to post them regularly when i can.

But i would love to tell you about all the other things i have on offer and are available as well. As you may know i have a range of fetish services which i have on offer. I have just introduced a spanking and discipline service which i am absolutely loving and would love to do more and more sessions where possible so if this is something that interests you make sure you get in contact to arrange a session soon. It can be tailored to what you like.

I also have an Adult Baby session which i have been offering for a few years now and its one of my all time favourite types of sessions. I know not many offer this kind of thing but its something i find myself really enjoying alot and when i settle into my new house in the near future i actually intend on setting up an Adult Baby Nursery in my house which could be absolutely awesome and hopefully those of you who love this will be able to come make the most of it.

And lastly remember i do offer phone and online fetish sessions for those who maybe cant come see me for a physical session or want to have a bit of an explore and talk about their fantasies and fetishes before taking the plunge in having a physical session. These are great if you want to dip your toe in the dark water or if its going to be a while between visits.

I tour on a regular basis and i generally visit regional areas of Australia rather then major cities as i love visiting country and regional towns. And i really want to bring my fetish services to these places. So i am always interested in hearing about the types of kinks and fetishes you have and helping you to explore these, so remember i do offer fly me to you packages for those of you who would love to have me come and visit and bring this world to you for us to explore together. So take a look through my website and see what i have to offer and hopefully we can have some amazing times together very soon.

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