Special offer until the end of June

Something i try to do on a semi regular basis is have some kind of special offer on my services. But i like to do my special offers a bit differently to most. I prefer to tie my special offers in with trying to give back to the veteran community as its something that is really important to me and i could go on for days about this topic, especially for veterans here in Australia.

So would you like to know a bit more about my current offer i am going to be running? So until the last day in June, i will be offering a discount of $50 off appointments of 45 minutes or longer over all my services, both vanilla and fetish services. Now you may be wondering whats the catch.

The catch, in order to get this discount, i ask that you give a minimum donation of $50 and show me the receipt showing me you have done so, to one of the organisations i have listed below. If you can show you have done this i will apply the $50 discount off my services.

The organisations i will list are ones i support regularly, whether by monthly donations or supporting particular programs that support the veteran community in a number of different ways, whether its financial assistance, helping veterans to find jobs, do courses, help with psychological issues and mental health, supporting veteran families and helping wounded veteran. They basically do some absolutely amazing things for this community and its something thats really close to my heart. I have many friends still currently serving as well as those who are ex serving. I only discuss my service within the military on a superficial level as there are many things there i cant talk about.

Also for those of you reading, if you are actually a serving or ex serving member of the military please be aware that i do actually offer a military discount off all my services as well, for those who have their military ID, so if you are serving or ex serving please make sure you mention it when we speak so we can discuss this discount i offer all the time.


Soldier On

Wounded Heros

Mates 4 Mates

Veterans 360 Australia

Otherwise, you are welcome to contribute $50 via Beem It (username @sexybbwkrissy2 with reference Charity Ball) , to help fund tickets for myself to attend the Defence Charity Ball in Brisbane in September and to have the ability to bid on an auction Item at the Ball where all the funds are donated to Legacy.



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