Come try my Ultimate Session

I have been at my new job for a few weeks now and I am finding I am enjoying it. Its a great challenge and I have been working with some great people. It only goes until the 10th of April which is great.

From the 10th April until the beginning of June ill be doing some extensive touring so I can spend some time with some lovely gentlemen, but I will be seeking another short term contract from the beginning of June because I have decided its something I enjoy doing, but I am thinking the next one might be in Sydney so fingers crossed I can find something that I like. But that would mean I would be based in Sydney for that contract.

This is an ongoing trend I am going to keep going for this year I think as I have found it to work well for me and I am enjoying how it makes me feel. What does this mean for you in terms of spending time with me, it means my time will be limited, so reading my website and ads become important and I will becoming more and more selective about who I chose to spend time with in the future as I think the bookings I have liked the most since starting my new job are the ones where my gentlemen callers have read my website, know my availability and have been happy to follow my requirements for making a booking.

If you would like to be someone I choose to spend time with it would be a good idea to take this on board I think. As it will be so much more fun for us both. I won’t be taking as many bookings as I used to as I want quality over quantity.

I may make some changes in terms of my packages to reflect this limited availability after my short round of tours in April and May. So I will mainly be based in Brisbane until the 10th of April at this stage in a nice area not too far from the city.

Have you taken notice of my Ultimate Full Service and Ultimate BDSM Sessions that I have now got listed on my websites? Both of them are quite inclusive and really are about just having the chance to let things flow and just enjoy whatever we feel like, I do have a list of things that can be included but they are very much less about what’s included and just having the freedom to really let our hair down and just go with the flow and allow you to have a fully inclusive experience.

Something I will also be organising I think maybe in May is learning the skill of Caning from a wonderful lady in Sydney who is well known for it. So ill be looking forward to being able to add it to my BDSM and Fetish sessions which I am super excited about. For my vanilla gentlemen callers please don’t let this scare you off at all, I just like to have a balance between light and dark as I think it makes life interesting.

Remember, I am still offering all my normal BDSM and Fetish sessions. I still have a passionate love for my Adult Baby and Anal play sessions. They are my absolute favourite sessions to do and I would love to continue to explore theses experience with you. There is a level of joy that comes with helping people to experience new things and see that there are so many different ways to get pleasure. If you have never tried Anal play on you its something I seriously recommend as I think you will find it has a level of intensity you haven’t experienced yet.

And last, of all, I have had a couple of new tattoos done and I am hoping by the end of my contract my left arm will be finished, so if you would love to be one of the special people who gets to see these works of art then make sure you make a time to see me as I will not be posting them online in the near future as I like the idea of a bit of a surprise.

ABDL – For those looking for a Mummy / Caregiver experience

I have an ABDL session that i absolutely love providing and it is something i would absolutely love to do more of. It can be tailored to suit what kind of ABDL you are, so it is a completely custom service as i have found each Adult Baby has completely different needs so i want it to be completely tailored to you.

It is a service i have been offering for quite some time and i love travelling Australia and providing it. I have slowly collected a range of Disposable Diapers as well as terricloth diapers, a range of different kind of onesies, Plastic Pants to go over your diapers, Bottles, Dummies, and even a range of toys and movies we can watch together and i am always wanting to add to my collection of stuff.

I do most of my shopping for things at Littles Down Under based in Brisbane and they have a fantastic range of stuff to pick from. If there is something from their online shop your interested in me bringing along to a session feel free to get me a gift card and send me the link of the item you want and ill organise to purchase and bring along with me as i know everyone has different tastes in things.

Want to know a little about the session we can enjoy together? Well it can involve lots of cuddles and hugs, playing together, having bath time if you want, putting you down for a nap, watching a kids movie together if you like while cuddling, simulated breastfeeding, i can give you lunch or dinner and if there is food you like best let me know so i can bring it along, Changing of your diaper as many times as needed, Making you feel loved and cared for, and just looking after you while you experience little space, as i want you to feel safe and nurtured while in little space.

So if you are looking to explore your little side or looking for a Caregiver or Mummy session with someone who loves doing these kind of sessions i would love to hear from you. I am happy to travel all over Australia to visit you, though if you want me to travel specifically to you i will only be offering my Flexi Time sessions for this.