The cost of Touring

I want to talk to you a bit about the cost of touring. While this isnt something i am a fan of discussing i think its really important for you to be aware of, especially when interested in seeing an Escort who is coming to your town or city on tour.

When we plan our tours some of the costs we have to factor in, include (this is based off the fact im on tour constantly so others may have slightly different figures)

  • Cost of Accomodation – Which can be anywhere between $150 and $800+ depending on the length of our stay and the type of accomodation we book
  • Newspaper Advertising – Which for me is around $20 to $30 per newspaper its printed in. So it can cost between $60 and $250 per week, as some places i advertise in more then one paper.
  • Cost of getting to your town or city – it can cost between $50 and $400 for me to travel to your location whether by flight or by train or bus.
  • Cost of Meals – $10 per meal, 3x a day x how many days im in town.
  • Taxis and Ubers average $20 to $50 per ride and where i am travelling to
  • Cost of online Advertising – $500 per month on average for all my online advertising that allows me to share my tours
  • Cost of supplies such as condoms, lube, oils, babywipes – $100 per month minimum sometimes more

These are just some of the associated costs of being on tour on a regular basis. Because of this, especially when travelling to places like – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and all the towns i visit in between i put on all my advertising pre bookings with a deposit. I ask for these deposits so that when i arrive in town i have a few bookings lined up ready. It gives me time to plan, get ready to see you, make sure i have everything i need in terms of making sure you have the most fun possible.

I know that some of you dislike paying deposits i do completely understand but i would like to give you an understanding of why we generally ask for them. We arent going to run off with your deposit, it just gives up some security for the above costs we are outlaying in order to be in town to spend time with you.

I am of the belief that if i am willing to commit to these costs which i am totally willing to do, as a compromise i dont believe its a big ask for you to pre book with a deposit. It shows you have taken real time to read our ads and websites. It shows you understand we have limited time in town, so by pre booking you make the trip less stressful which then means we can enjoy your company all that much more because we feel relaxed when we finally get to see you.

SO please take this into consideration before refusing to pre book with deposits if we ask that you do. It shows you have respect for our time, which then means that we will go that step further when we see you because you have shown that our comfort is as important to you as yours is to us.

Common sense and good manners have gone out the window these days, and i tell you those of you who have pre booked with deposits for various tours i have done, you are much appreciated. You are guys i would love to spend time with more then once. You are gents i would love to have return when i visit your town or city.

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